Silk Icons

“Silk” is a smooth icon set, containing 1000 16-by-16 pixel icons in strokably-soft PNG format. Containing a large variety of icons, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy. And all for a low low price of $0.00. You can't say fairer than that.

Current version: 1.3


I also love to hear of my work being used, feel encouraged to send an email with a link or screenshot of the icons in their new home to mjames  gmail  com. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. This means you may use it for any purpose, and make any changes you like. All I ask is that you include a link back to in your credits (contact me to discuss licencing further).


Do you use this set? Contact me!.


accept accept.png add add.png anchor anchor.png application application.png application add application_add.png application cascade application_cascade.png application delete application_delete.png application double application_double.png application edit application_edit.png application error application_error.png application form application_form.png application form add application_form_add.png
application form delete application_form_delete.png application form edit application_form_edit.png application form magnify application_form_magnify.png application get application_get.png application go application_go.png application home application_home.png application key application_key.png application lightning application_lightning.png application link application_link.png application osx application_osx.png application osx terminal application_osx_terminal.png application put application_put.png
application side boxes application_side_boxes.png application side contract application_side_contract.png application side expand application_side_expand.png application side list application_side_list.png application side tree application_side_tree.png application split application_split.png application tile horizontal application_tile_horizontal.png application tile vertical application_tile_vertical.png application view columns application_view_columns.png application view detail application_view_detail.png application view gallery application_view_gallery.png application view icons application_view_icons.png
application view list application_view_list.png application view tile application_view_tile.png application xp application_xp.png application xp terminal application_xp_terminal.png arrow branch arrow_branch.png arrow divide arrow_divide.png arrow down arrow_down.png arrow in arrow_in.png arrow inout arrow_inout.png arrow join arrow_join.png arrow left arrow_left.png arrow merge arrow_merge.png
arrow out arrow_out.png arrow redo arrow_redo.png arrow refresh arrow_refresh.png arrow refresh small arrow_refresh_small.png arrow right arrow_right.png arrow rotate anticlockwise arrow_rotate_anticlockwise.png arrow rotate clockwise arrow_rotate_clockwise.png arrow switch arrow_switch.png arrow turn left arrow_turn_left.png arrow turn right arrow_turn_right.png arrow undo arrow_undo.png arrow up arrow_up.png
asterisk orange asterisk_orange.png asterisk yellow asterisk_yellow.png attach attach.png award star add award_star_add.png award star bronze 1 award_star_bronze_1.png award star bronze 2 award_star_bronze_2.png award star bronze 3 award_star_bronze_3.png award star delete award_star_delete.png award star gold 1 award_star_gold_1.png award star gold 2 award_star_gold_2.png award star gold 3 award_star_gold_3.png award star silver 1 award_star_silver_1.png
award star silver 2 award_star_silver_2.png award star silver 3 award_star_silver_3.png basket basket.png basket add basket_add.png basket delete basket_delete.png basket edit basket_edit.png basket error basket_error.png basket go basket_go.png basket put basket_put.png basket remove basket_remove.png bell bell.png bell add bell_add.png
bell delete bell_delete.png bell error bell_error.png bell go bell_go.png bell link bell_link.png bin bin.png bin closed bin_closed.png bin empty bin_empty.png bomb bomb.png book book.png book add book_add.png book addresses book_addresses.png book delete book_delete.png
book edit book_edit.png book error book_error.png book go book_go.png book key book_key.png book link book_link.png book next book_next.png book open book_open.png book previous book_previous.png box box.png brick brick.png brick add brick_add.png brick delete brick_delete.png
brick edit brick_edit.png brick error brick_error.png brick go brick_go.png brick link brick_link.png bricks bricks.png briefcase briefcase.png bug bug.png bug add bug_add.png bug delete bug_delete.png bug edit bug_edit.png bug error bug_error.png bug go bug_go.png
bug link bug_link.png building building.png building add building_add.png building delete building_delete.png building edit building_edit.png building error building_error.png building go building_go.png building key building_key.png building link building_link.png bullet add bullet_add.png bullet arrow bottom bullet_arrow_bottom.png bullet arrow down bullet_arrow_down.png
bullet arrow top bullet_arrow_top.png bullet arrow up bullet_arrow_up.png bullet black bullet_black.png bullet blue bullet_blue.png bullet delete bullet_delete.png bullet disk bullet_disk.png bullet error bullet_error.png bullet feed bullet_feed.png bullet go bullet_go.png bullet green bullet_green.png bullet key bullet_key.png bullet orange bullet_orange.png
bullet picture bullet_picture.png bullet pink bullet_pink.png bullet purple bullet_purple.png bullet red bullet_red.png bullet star bullet_star.png bullet toggle minus bullet_toggle_minus.png bullet toggle plus bullet_toggle_plus.png bullet white bullet_white.png bullet wrench bullet_wrench.png bullet yellow bullet_yellow.png cake cake.png calculator calculator.png
calculator add calculator_add.png calculator delete calculator_delete.png calculator edit calculator_edit.png calculator error calculator_error.png calculator link calculator_link.png calendar calendar.png calendar add calendar_add.png calendar delete calendar_delete.png calendar edit calendar_edit.png calendar link calendar_link.png calendar view day calendar_view_day.png calendar view month calendar_view_month.png
calendar view week calendar_view_week.png camera camera.png camera add camera_add.png camera delete camera_delete.png camera edit camera_edit.png camera error camera_error.png camera go camera_go.png camera link camera_link.png camera small camera_small.png cancel cancel.png car car.png car add car_add.png
car delete car_delete.png cart cart.png cart add cart_add.png cart delete cart_delete.png cart edit cart_edit.png cart error cart_error.png cart go cart_go.png cart put cart_put.png cart remove cart_remove.png cd cd.png cd add cd_add.png cd burn cd_burn.png
cd delete cd_delete.png cd edit cd_edit.png cd eject cd_eject.png cd go cd_go.png chart bar chart_bar.png chart bar add chart_bar_add.png chart bar delete chart_bar_delete.png chart bar edit chart_bar_edit.png chart bar error chart_bar_error.png chart bar link chart_bar_link.png chart curve chart_curve.png chart curve add chart_curve_add.png
chart curve delete chart_curve_delete.png chart curve edit chart_curve_edit.png chart curve error chart_curve_error.png chart curve go chart_curve_go.png chart curve link chart_curve_link.png chart line chart_line.png chart line add chart_line_add.png chart line delete chart_line_delete.png chart line edit chart_line_edit.png chart line error chart_line_error.png chart line link chart_line_link.png chart organisation chart_organisation.png
chart organisation add chart_organisation_add.png chart organisation delete chart_organisation_delete.png chart pie chart_pie.png chart pie add chart_pie_add.png chart pie delete chart_pie_delete.png chart pie edit chart_pie_edit.png chart pie error chart_pie_error.png chart pie link chart_pie_link.png clock clock.png clock add clock_add.png clock delete clock_delete.png clock edit clock_edit.png
clock error clock_error.png clock go clock_go.png clock link clock_link.png clock pause clock_pause.png clock play clock_play.png clock red clock_red.png clock stop clock_stop.png cog cog.png cog add cog_add.png cog delete cog_delete.png cog edit cog_edit.png cog error cog_error.png
cog go cog_go.png coins coins.png coins add coins_add.png coins delete coins_delete.png color swatch color_swatch.png color wheel color_wheel.png comment comment.png comment add comment_add.png comment delete comment_delete.png comment edit comment_edit.png comments comments.png comments add comments_add.png
comments delete comments_delete.png compress compress.png computer computer.png computer add computer_add.png computer delete computer_delete.png computer edit computer_edit.png computer error computer_error.png computer go computer_go.png computer key computer_key.png computer link computer_link.png connect connect.png contrast contrast.png
contrast decrease contrast_decrease.png contrast high contrast_high.png contrast increase contrast_increase.png contrast low contrast_low.png control eject control_eject.png control eject blue control_eject_blue.png control end control_end.png control end blue control_end_blue.png control equalizer control_equalizer.png control equalizer blue control_equalizer_blue.png control fastforward control_fastforward.png control fastforward blue control_fastforward_blue.png
control pause control_pause.png control pause blue control_pause_blue.png control play control_play.png control play blue control_play_blue.png control repeat control_repeat.png control repeat blue control_repeat_blue.png control rewind control_rewind.png control rewind blue control_rewind_blue.png control start control_start.png control start blue control_start_blue.png control stop control_stop.png control stop blue control_stop_blue.png
controller controller.png controller add controller_add.png controller delete controller_delete.png controller error controller_error.png creditcards creditcards.png cross cross.png css css.png css add css_add.png css delete css_delete.png css go css_go.png css valid css_valid.png cup cup.png
cup add cup_add.png cup delete cup_delete.png cup edit cup_edit.png cup error cup_error.png cup go cup_go.png cup key cup_key.png cup link cup_link.png cursor cursor.png cut cut.png cut red cut_red.png database database.png database add database_add.png
database connect database_connect.png database delete database_delete.png database edit database_edit.png database error database_error.png database gear database_gear.png database go database_go.png database key database_key.png database lightning database_lightning.png database link database_link.png database refresh database_refresh.png database save database_save.png database table database_table.png
date date.png date add date_add.png date delete date_delete.png date edit date_edit.png date error date_error.png date go date_go.png date link date_link.png date magnify date_magnify.png date next date_next.png date previous date_previous.png delete delete.png disconnect disconnect.png
disk disk.png disk multiple disk_multiple.png door door.png door in door_in.png door open door_open.png door out door_out.png drink drink.png drink empty drink_empty.png drive drive.png drive add drive_add.png drive burn drive_burn.png drive cd drive_cd.png
drive cd empty drive_cd_empty.png drive delete drive_delete.png drive disk drive_disk.png drive edit drive_edit.png drive error drive_error.png drive go drive_go.png drive key drive_key.png drive link drive_link.png drive magnify drive_magnify.png drive network drive_network.png drive rename drive_rename.png drive user drive_user.png
drive web drive_web.png dvd dvd.png dvd add dvd_add.png dvd delete dvd_delete.png dvd edit dvd_edit.png dvd error dvd_error.png dvd go dvd_go.png dvd key dvd_key.png dvd link dvd_link.png email email.png email add email_add.png email attach email_attach.png
email delete email_delete.png email edit email_edit.png email error email_error.png email go email_go.png email link email_link.png email open email_open.png email open image email_open_image.png emoticon evilgrin emoticon_evilgrin.png emoticon grin emoticon_grin.png emoticon happy emoticon_happy.png emoticon smile emoticon_smile.png emoticon surprised emoticon_surprised.png
emoticon tongue emoticon_tongue.png emoticon unhappy emoticon_unhappy.png emoticon waii emoticon_waii.png emoticon wink emoticon_wink.png error error.png error add error_add.png error delete error_delete.png error go error_go.png exclamation exclamation.png eye eye.png feed feed.png feed add feed_add.png
feed delete feed_delete.png feed disk feed_disk.png feed edit feed_edit.png feed error feed_error.png feed go feed_go.png feed key feed_key.png feed link feed_link.png feed magnify feed_magnify.png female female.png film film.png film add film_add.png film delete film_delete.png
film edit film_edit.png film error film_error.png film go film_go.png film key film_key.png film link film_link.png film save film_save.png find find.png flag blue flag_blue.png flag green flag_green.png flag orange flag_orange.png flag pink flag_pink.png flag purple flag_purple.png
flag red flag_red.png flag yellow flag_yellow.png folder folder.png folder add folder_add.png folder bell folder_bell.png folder brick folder_brick.png folder bug folder_bug.png folder camera folder_camera.png folder database folder_database.png folder delete folder_delete.png folder edit folder_edit.png folder error folder_error.png
folder explore folder_explore.png folder feed folder_feed.png folder find folder_find.png folder go folder_go.png folder heart folder_heart.png folder image folder_image.png folder key folder_key.png folder lightbulb folder_lightbulb.png folder link folder_link.png folder magnify folder_magnify.png folder page folder_page.png folder page white folder_page_white.png
folder palette folder_palette.png folder picture folder_picture.png folder star folder_star.png folder table folder_table.png folder user folder_user.png folder wrench folder_wrench.png font font.png font add font_add.png font delete font_delete.png font go font_go.png group group.png group add group_add.png
group delete group_delete.png group edit group_edit.png group error group_error.png group gear group_gear.png group go group_go.png group key group_key.png group link group_link.png heart heart.png heart add heart_add.png heart delete heart_delete.png help help.png hourglass hourglass.png
hourglass add hourglass_add.png hourglass delete hourglass_delete.png hourglass go hourglass_go.png hourglass link hourglass_link.png house house.png house go house_go.png house link house_link.png html html.png html add html_add.png html delete html_delete.png html go html_go.png html valid html_valid.png
image image.png image add image_add.png image delete image_delete.png image edit image_edit.png image link image_link.png images images.png information information.png ipod ipod.png ipod cast ipod_cast.png ipod cast add ipod_cast_add.png ipod cast delete ipod_cast_delete.png ipod sound ipod_sound.png
joystick joystick.png joystick add joystick_add.png joystick delete joystick_delete.png joystick error joystick_error.png key key.png key add key_add.png key delete key_delete.png key go key_go.png keyboard keyboard.png keyboard add keyboard_add.png keyboard delete keyboard_delete.png keyboard magnify keyboard_magnify.png
layers layers.png layout layout.png layout add layout_add.png layout content layout_content.png layout delete layout_delete.png layout edit layout_edit.png layout error layout_error.png layout header layout_header.png layout link layout_link.png layout sidebar layout_sidebar.png lightbulb lightbulb.png lightbulb add lightbulb_add.png
lightbulb delete lightbulb_delete.png lightbulb off lightbulb_off.png lightning lightning.png lightning add lightning_add.png lightning delete lightning_delete.png lightning go lightning_go.png link link.png link add link_add.png link break link_break.png link delete link_delete.png link edit link_edit.png link error link_error.png
link go link_go.png lock lock.png lock add lock_add.png lock break lock_break.png lock delete lock_delete.png lock edit lock_edit.png lock go lock_go.png lock open lock_open.png lorry lorry.png lorry add lorry_add.png lorry delete lorry_delete.png lorry error lorry_error.png
lorry flatbed lorry_flatbed.png lorry go lorry_go.png lorry link lorry_link.png magifier zoom out magifier_zoom_out.png magnifier magnifier.png magnifier zoom in magnifier_zoom_in.png male male.png map map.png map add map_add.png map delete map_delete.png map edit map_edit.png map go map_go.png
map magnify map_magnify.png medal bronze 1 medal_bronze_1.png medal bronze 2 medal_bronze_2.png medal bronze 3 medal_bronze_3.png medal bronze add medal_bronze_add.png medal bronze delete medal_bronze_delete.png medal gold 1 medal_gold_1.png medal gold 2 medal_gold_2.png medal gold 3 medal_gold_3.png medal gold add medal_gold_add.png medal gold delete medal_gold_delete.png medal silver 1 medal_silver_1.png
medal silver 2 medal_silver_2.png medal silver 3 medal_silver_3.png medal silver add medal_silver_add.png medal silver delete medal_silver_delete.png money money.png money add money_add.png money delete money_delete.png money dollar money_dollar.png money euro money_euro.png money pound money_pound.png money yen money_yen.png monitor monitor.png
monitor add monitor_add.png monitor delete monitor_delete.png monitor edit monitor_edit.png monitor error monitor_error.png monitor go monitor_go.png monitor lightning monitor_lightning.png monitor link monitor_link.png mouse mouse.png mouse add mouse_add.png mouse delete mouse_delete.png mouse error mouse_error.png music music.png
new new.png newspaper newspaper.png newspaper add newspaper_add.png newspaper delete newspaper_delete.png newspaper go newspaper_go.png newspaper link newspaper_link.png note note.png note add note_add.png note delete note_delete.png note edit note_edit.png note error note_error.png note go note_go.png
overlays overlays.png package package.png package add package_add.png package delete package_delete.png package go package_go.png package green package_green.png package link package_link.png page page.png page add page_add.png page attach page_attach.png page code page_code.png page copy page_copy.png
page delete page_delete.png page edit page_edit.png page error page_error.png page excel page_excel.png page find page_find.png page gear page_gear.png page go page_go.png page green page_green.png page key page_key.png page lightning page_lightning.png page link page_link.png page paintbrush page_paintbrush.png
page paste page_paste.png page red page_red.png page refresh page_refresh.png page save page_save.png page white page_white.png page white acrobat page_white_acrobat.png page white actionscript page_white_actionscript.png page white add page_white_add.png page white c page_white_c.png page white camera page_white_camera.png page white cd page_white_cd.png page white code page_white_code.png
page white code red page_white_code_red.png page white coldfusion page_white_coldfusion.png page white compressed page_white_compressed.png page white copy page_white_copy.png page white cplusplus page_white_cplusplus.png page white csharp page_white_csharp.png page white cup page_white_cup.png page white database page_white_database.png page white delete page_white_delete.png page white dvd page_white_dvd.png page white edit page_white_edit.png page white error page_white_error.png
page white excel page_white_excel.png page white find page_white_find.png page white flash page_white_flash.png page white freehand page_white_freehand.png page white gear page_white_gear.png page white get page_white_get.png page white go page_white_go.png page white h page_white_h.png page white horizontal page_white_horizontal.png page white key page_white_key.png page white lightning page_white_lightning.png page white link page_white_link.png
page white magnify page_white_magnify.png page white medal page_white_medal.png page white office page_white_office.png page white paint page_white_paint.png page white paintbrush page_white_paintbrush.png page white paste page_white_paste.png page white php page_white_php.png page white picture page_white_picture.png page white powerpoint page_white_powerpoint.png page white put page_white_put.png page white ruby page_white_ruby.png page white stack page_white_stack.png
page white star page_white_star.png page white swoosh page_white_swoosh.png page white text page_white_text.png page white text width page_white_text_width.png page white tux page_white_tux.png page white vector page_white_vector.png page white visualstudio page_white_visualstudio.png page white width page_white_width.png page white word page_white_word.png page white world page_white_world.png page white wrench page_white_wrench.png page white zip page_white_zip.png
page word page_word.png page world page_world.png paintbrush paintbrush.png paintcan paintcan.png palette palette.png paste plain paste_plain.png paste word paste_word.png pencil pencil.png pencil add pencil_add.png pencil delete pencil_delete.png pencil go pencil_go.png phone phone.png
phone add phone_add.png phone delete phone_delete.png phone sound phone_sound.png photo photo.png photo add photo_add.png photo delete photo_delete.png photo link photo_link.png photos photos.png picture picture.png picture add picture_add.png picture delete picture_delete.png picture edit picture_edit.png
picture empty picture_empty.png picture error picture_error.png picture go picture_go.png picture key picture_key.png picture link picture_link.png picture save picture_save.png pictures pictures.png pilcrow pilcrow.png pill pill.png pill add pill_add.png pill delete pill_delete.png pill go pill_go.png
plugin plugin.png plugin add plugin_add.png plugin delete plugin_delete.png plugin disabled plugin_disabled.png plugin edit plugin_edit.png plugin error plugin_error.png plugin go plugin_go.png plugin link plugin_link.png printer printer.png printer add printer_add.png printer delete printer_delete.png printer empty printer_empty.png
printer error printer_error.png rainbow rainbow.png report report.png report add report_add.png report delete report_delete.png report disk report_disk.png report edit report_edit.png report go report_go.png report key report_key.png report link report_link.png report magnify report_magnify.png report picture report_picture.png
report user report_user.png report word report_word.png resultset first resultset_first.png resultset last resultset_last.png resultset next resultset_next.png resultset previous resultset_previous.png rosette rosette.png rss rss.png rss add rss_add.png rss delete rss_delete.png rss go rss_go.png rss valid rss_valid.png
ruby ruby.png ruby add ruby_add.png ruby delete ruby_delete.png ruby gear ruby_gear.png ruby get ruby_get.png ruby go ruby_go.png ruby key ruby_key.png ruby link ruby_link.png ruby put ruby_put.png script script.png script add script_add.png script code script_code.png
script code red script_code_red.png script delete script_delete.png script edit script_edit.png script error script_error.png script gear script_gear.png script go script_go.png script key script_key.png script lightning script_lightning.png script link script_link.png script palette script_palette.png script save script_save.png server server.png
server add server_add.png server chart server_chart.png server compressed server_compressed.png server connect server_connect.png server database server_database.png server delete server_delete.png server edit server_edit.png server error server_error.png server go server_go.png server key server_key.png server lightning server_lightning.png server link server_link.png
server uncompressed server_uncompressed.png shading shading.png shape align bottom shape_align_bottom.png shape align center shape_align_center.png shape align left shape_align_left.png shape align middle shape_align_middle.png shape align right shape_align_right.png shape align top shape_align_top.png shape flip horizontal shape_flip_horizontal.png shape flip vertical shape_flip_vertical.png shape group shape_group.png shape handles shape_handles.png
shape move back shape_move_back.png shape move backwards shape_move_backwards.png shape move forwards shape_move_forwards.png shape move front shape_move_front.png shape rotate anticlockwise shape_rotate_anticlockwise.png shape rotate clockwise shape_rotate_clockwise.png shape square shape_square.png shape square add shape_square_add.png shape square delete shape_square_delete.png shape square edit shape_square_edit.png shape square error shape_square_error.png shape square go shape_square_go.png
shape square key shape_square_key.png shape square link shape_square_link.png shape ungroup shape_ungroup.png shield shield.png shield add shield_add.png shield delete shield_delete.png shield go shield_go.png sitemap sitemap.png sitemap color sitemap_color.png sound sound.png sound add sound_add.png sound delete sound_delete.png
sound low sound_low.png sound mute sound_mute.png sound none sound_none.png spellcheck spellcheck.png sport 8ball sport_8ball.png sport basketball sport_basketball.png sport football sport_football.png sport golf sport_golf.png sport raquet sport_raquet.png sport shuttlecock sport_shuttlecock.png sport soccer sport_soccer.png sport tennis sport_tennis.png
star star.png status away status_away.png status busy status_busy.png status offline status_offline.png status online status_online.png stop stop.png style style.png style add style_add.png style delete style_delete.png style edit style_edit.png style go style_go.png sum sum.png
tab tab.png tab add tab_add.png tab delete tab_delete.png tab edit tab_edit.png tab go tab_go.png table table.png table add table_add.png table delete table_delete.png table edit table_edit.png table error table_error.png table gear table_gear.png table go table_go.png
table key table_key.png table lightning table_lightning.png table link table_link.png table multiple table_multiple.png table refresh table_refresh.png table relationship table_relationship.png table row delete table_row_delete.png table row insert table_row_insert.png table save table_save.png table sort table_sort.png tag tag.png tag blue tag_blue.png
tag blue add tag_blue_add.png tag blue delete tag_blue_delete.png tag blue edit tag_blue_edit.png tag green tag_green.png tag orange tag_orange.png tag pink tag_pink.png tag purple tag_purple.png tag red tag_red.png tag yellow tag_yellow.png telephone telephone.png telephone add telephone_add.png telephone delete telephone_delete.png
telephone edit telephone_edit.png telephone error telephone_error.png telephone go telephone_go.png telephone key telephone_key.png telephone link telephone_link.png television television.png television add television_add.png television delete television_delete.png text align center text_align_center.png text align justify text_align_justify.png text align left text_align_left.png text align right text_align_right.png
text allcaps text_allcaps.png text bold text_bold.png text columns text_columns.png text dropcaps text_dropcaps.png text heading 1 text_heading_1.png text heading 2 text_heading_2.png text heading 3 text_heading_3.png text heading 4 text_heading_4.png text heading 5 text_heading_5.png text heading 6 text_heading_6.png text horizontalrule text_horizontalrule.png text indent text_indent.png
text indent remove text_indent_remove.png text italic text_italic.png text kerning text_kerning.png text letter omega text_letter_omega.png text letterspacing text_letterspacing.png text linespacing text_linespacing.png text list bullets text_list_bullets.png text list numbers text_list_numbers.png text lowercase text_lowercase.png text padding bottom text_padding_bottom.png text padding left text_padding_left.png text padding right text_padding_right.png
text padding top text_padding_top.png text replace text_replace.png text signature text_signature.png text smallcaps text_smallcaps.png text strikethrough text_strikethrough.png text subscript text_subscript.png text superscript text_superscript.png text underline text_underline.png text uppercase text_uppercase.png textfield textfield.png textfield add textfield_add.png textfield delete textfield_delete.png
textfield key textfield_key.png textfield rename textfield_rename.png thumb down thumb_down.png thumb up thumb_up.png tick tick.png time time.png time add time_add.png time delete time_delete.png time go time_go.png timeline marker timeline_marker.png transmit transmit.png transmit add transmit_add.png
transmit blue transmit_blue.png transmit delete transmit_delete.png transmit edit transmit_edit.png transmit error transmit_error.png transmit go transmit_go.png tux tux.png user user.png user add user_add.png user comment user_comment.png user delete user_delete.png user edit user_edit.png user female user_female.png
user go user_go.png user gray user_gray.png user green user_green.png user orange user_orange.png user red user_red.png user suit user_suit.png vcard vcard.png vcard add vcard_add.png vcard delete vcard_delete.png vcard edit vcard_edit.png vector vector.png vector add vector_add.png
vector delete vector_delete.png wand wand.png weather clouds weather_clouds.png weather cloudy weather_cloudy.png weather lightning weather_lightning.png weather rain weather_rain.png weather snow weather_snow.png weather sun weather_sun.png webcam webcam.png webcam add webcam_add.png webcam delete webcam_delete.png webcam error webcam_error.png
world world.png world add world_add.png world delete world_delete.png world edit world_edit.png world go world_go.png world link world_link.png wrench wrench.png wrench orange wrench_orange.png xhtml xhtml.png xhtml add xhtml_add.png xhtml delete xhtml_delete.png xhtml go xhtml_go.png
xhtml valid xhtml_valid.png zoom zoom.png zoom in zoom_in.png zoom out zoom_out.png